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In the heart of a great country and its communities, there are great people. But when COVID-19 hit us this time, it breaks our heart to see those amazing people, citizens, businesses, and our economy suffer even more.


Who is Calgary Chinese Merchants Association?

Since the early 90s, Calgary Chinese Merchants Association (CCMA) has been bringing unity in the community through a wide variety of programs & events such as Calgary Chinatown Street Festivals, Beautification Programs, and Canada Day Celebrations between 2000-2016. During the Flood in 2013, CCMA drove support for local business, residents in Chinatown, and many communities by providing frontline and aligning resources to those who were impacted. Later on that year, CCMA hosted Taste of Chinatown to rejuvenate community spirits.

Thus, CCMA is stepping up once again by introducing a new initiative called #AddOilYYC to drive support to our local business in #YYC. Because we highly value their importance in contributing to our vibrant city, it is the time that Calgarians TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW to support the lifeline of these businesses.

AddOilYYC Campaign

Starting May 8, 2020, #AddOilYYC will launch a coupon giveaway program.  Simply follow our Instagram @AddOilYYC, leave a message “#AddOilYYC on our posts. We will make a daily announcement between May 8 to until the end of July. Each winner takes home a gift certificate to one of the participating merchants. Thousands of dollars worth of coupons will be given away during this economic recovery period.

While CCMA provides the seed money to start this campaign, we aim to sustain the program to support merchants. For starters, while our everyday winner receives a gift certificate (worth $30), buy more than the value of those gift certificates, purchase more gift cards from these restaurants, and share the good stories around.

In-kind donations, financial sponsorships, and community investments are urged to help make #AddOilYYC is sustainable in the near future.

What is Add Oil by the way?

What does the expression “Add Oil” mean? It is a phrase that actually originated in Hong Kong and is used to give support or encouragement to someone. Let’s #AddOil altogether, to yourselves, to your loved ones, and to these local business during this unprecedented time. They need help for their lifeline more than ever.

Calgary has been a place for dreams, for habitats, and for raising future generations. They always champion for Calgary, always have defined who we are, also are extremely vital to many livelihoods of multi-generations of Calgary citizens.


This initiative is made possible by our supporters, volunteers and valuable partners including Sing Tao Newspaper Calgary and FeverSports Canada.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tuck says:

    I support oil for Alberta

    1. Brian Wong Calgary - 左腳 says:

      Thank you for your comment.

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