After having years of experience working in the food industry, and working with the art of making Teochew noodles, the owner of Chong Fat decided to bring the cherished food craft to Calgary. He wanted to bring traditional Teochew noodles and recipes so people here can have a taste of home. The owners officially opened Chong Fat in the centre of Chinatown in the summer of 1996.  

The restaurant is a typical family-run restaurant, the husband and wife duo wants to ensure everything done is with care and love. To achieve this, they believe that they should do everything themselves. This philosophy is applied to both the food served and the customer service. They believed that they can ensure quality if everything is done themselves. If there is an excessive amount of workers that philosophy may get lost. 

Over the last two dozen years, the owners have experienced numerous challenges. Some of the recent hardships include the economic downturn, the flood of 2013, and the ongoing COVID pandemic. Despite these challenges, Chong Fat was able to stay strong and overcome the hurdles. They credit the regulars that frequent the restaurant for keeping them going. The motivation stems from wanting to continue to produce noodles for the regulars and the community.

Address: 132 3 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4Z4

Interviewer: Gina Gong and Jeffrey Kung

Photos: Gina Gong

Author: Alex Tong

Producer: Brian Wong

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