[Local Biz Spotlight] Exige Medi Spa

“We’re working at the longevity of the relationship. We’re building that rapport with you, because hopefully, in the process, you and I are going to be on that health journey where we support each other back and forth, whatever that happens to be.”

After exiting from a stressful career in the corporate space, Dr. Amanda Diep of Exige Medi Spa took the chance to dig deeper into the world of health and fitness. At first, Dr. Diep was skeptical of the effectiveness of acupuncture as she searched for a way to cure her ongoing migraines, but after her first experience with it, she found that her headaches were becoming less frequent and more manageable. This soon inspired her to study not only just acupuncture but also Chinese herbal medicine. 

“Exige is a French word that means ‘expect the best,’ ‘deliver the best’ and ‘do your best.’”

Most of Dr. Diep’s inspiration for Exige was from during her travels around Asia, where she noticed that healing was done outside in nature, rather than within a confined space. This is when she knew she wanted the space for her future business to have an open concept, where her clients can be free from the stresses in life. She also wanted the practices used to be hybrid-based, blending both Eastern and Western medicinal practices to ensure that clients will be able to have the best treatments from both worlds. At the foundation of Exige’s business model is affordability. Although they are the most expensive massage therapy spot in Calgary, their prices are all-inclusive and have not changed since 2016. Even throughout the economic downturn, the flood and even during the pandemic, Exige is dedicated to ensuring healing is for everyone, not just for those who can afford it. 

Luckily for Exige, the community has always been there supporting them. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic while they were closed, they already had a waitlist of customers waiting for them to re-open. Of course, the safety and health of their clients are also one of the top priorities and Exige has been regularly using hospital-grade UV sterilization lights even before the pandemic hit. So when phase 2 of the re-opening plan was announced, the Exige team was already all ready to go! Dr. Diep credits this to her clients who they have built a rapport with over the years. They are so thankful for them as well as the Chinatown community for their support. It is because of their clients that Exige is able to continue to be resilient and be able to provide the best service.

Website: https://exige.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exigemedispa/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExigeMediSpa

Interviewer and author: Rachel Wong

Photos: William Leung

Producer: Brian Wong

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