[Local Biz Spotlight] Try Again Beverages

Try Again Beverages, a family-owned business for over two decades, is probably the ‘grandfather’ of all bubble tea places in Calgary. Their business approach is similar to traditional small hangout places in Hong Kong, where they are tight-knit with the community because of personalized customer service.

Over the past many months, Try Again Beverages in Chinatown has been up-and-running everyday, adapting different available and safe options to provide fresh drinks to Calgarians. It was in fact another family situation that hit the boutique bubble place tremendously.

“My dad passed away in Hong Kong during the pandemic, but because of travel restrictions, I could only grieve him from afar,” sighed owner Rosetta as she fought back tears behind her handcrafted face covering, “I single-handedly created a handful number of fabric face masks to share my caring and to remember my late father.”

Rosetta’s parents both once were tailors, who wanted her to succeed in their business; but, she had other plans. Later on, she understands why her parents had that wish and would like to see Try Again Beverages to be carried by the family.

“I am so grateful that my daughters are here to help on a regular basis to sustain the business.” Patrons can definitely feel the coziness of the shop and can also see interior decor is dominated by the ever popular Japanese anime figure – Totoro.

Try Again serves more than just bubble tea — their business is different from other bigger franchises. Perhaps, their recipe has a lot of heart and love from the family. That creates lasting friendships with customers.

Rosetta believes that “as long as they can serve a customer, they will keep the momentum.” She insists to be persistent on preventing the spread of COVID with measures such as supplying hand sanitizer to customers at the door and at the cash register, putting up plexiglass, doing curb-side delivery, and ordering via phone.

Try Again’s flexibility has allowed for their customers to feel welcomed and retain part of their previous routines despite the huge changes in the world. Their efforts to adapt are hugely appreciated within the community not just because it protects people, but because it also allows for customers to keep drinking their beverages. After all, bubble tea is among our favorite comfort foods!

Address: 111 3 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4Z4

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tryagainbeverages/?hl=en

Interviewer: Jeffrey Kung

Author: Katherine Leung

Photos: Gina Gong

Producer: Brian Wong

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