[Local Biz Spotlight] Chuck-n-shoulder

“When you look at other burger joints, it’s all very generic: same toppings, same ingredients. We wanted to do something that would change the game.”

After 22 years in the food industry, Mike Scarcelli and Andrew Spears of Chuck-n-Shoulder started the burger and sausage joint amidst the COVID pandemic. The duo carefully selected their sources such as sausages and buns to create a variety of unique flavour combinations, such as their Brazilian burger (a burger with onion rings spiced with cumin, puri-puri sauce and pineapple salsa) and a twist on the Vietnamese sub sandwich called the Thai Chili Chicken! 

“Why local? Why not?”

Supporting locals is something that is important to Mike, and what better place to share their love for burgers with the community than at the Calgary Farmers Market?

“It’s a place where other fellow vendors share the same mentality – support local and support each other,” exclaims Mike. It’s not uncommon to see vendors wander the halls and chat with each other, anyone that enters the farmers market can feel that there’s a special kind of community spirit that exists there.

“We want to support small companies and family-owned businesses because we can help these people to raise their kids and families. It’s that simple.” 

One more thing: Mike also answered our million-dollar question. 

“Did you realize that when it comes to eating any burger, the top bun tends to disappear first? That’s called bun slippage,” it’s a typical woe for many, “I thought for so long and wanted to have the right bun-to-meat ratio so that the ingredients aren’t falling off the bun.” 

Their solution? To source out good quality buns, to understand the moisture level of their burgers, and to match all ingredients with their secret sauces. 

Finally, a remedy to our burger woes! 

Visit Chuck-N-Shoulder at the Calgary Farmers Market today!

Website: http://www.chucknshoulder.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Restaurant/ChuckNShoulder-102334081544433/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chucknshoulderyyc/

Author and interviewer: Rachel Wong

Photos: WIlliam Leung

Producer: Brian Wong

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