[Local Biz Spotlight] Clay Pot Rice

When you hear Clay Pot Rice or Bo Zai fan, it is a well-known dish to many people from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Alex, the Clay Pot Rice restaurant owner, knows that many Chinese living in Calgary miss Bo Zai Fan.

[Local Biz Spotlight] Tibet Kitchen

Tibet Kitchen serves food with a purpose – to delight the taste buds but also to preserve Tibet culture through traditional recipes and educating others about Tibet.

[Local Biz Spotlight] Umami Noodle Bar

“COVID-19 has hit hard on every single one of us, we are blessed that we could help each other,” said Dean Chan, the owner of Umami Noodle Bar and an experienced chef who has decades of Japanese culinary experience in both Hong Kong and Calgary.

[Local Biz Spotlight] Polar Bear Kitchen

“This is a critical time for many but our heart is still here to serve clients. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen to get our dishes to the tables and we must maintain the quality.”

[Local Biz Spotlight] Calgary Chinatown Business Improvement Area

“There is a reason why Calgary Chinatown has been around for 110 years. The community has been through the ups and downs and they’re very resilient. They know what the mountains and hurdles are, but they can just think up so many different ways to survive.”

[Local Biz Spotlight] Chuck-n-shoulder

“When you look at other burger joints, it’s all very generic: same toppings, same ingredients. We wanted to do something that would change the game.”

[Local Biz Spotlight] Pho 26

For over 15 years, the owners of Pho 26 & their family has been nourishing the hungry bellies of Calgary with their family recipe!


“I take my responsibility very seriously. It’s not just a job for me. It’s like my life mission to be able to do something worthwhile.”


After having years of experience working in the food industry, and working with the art of making Teochew noodles, the owner of Chong Fat decided to bring the cherished food craft to Calgary.